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    Self-verification striving and employee outcomes: The mediating effects of emotional labor of South Korean employees

    Kim, Tae-YeolGilbreath, BradDavid, Emily M.Kim, Sang-Pyo

    International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management , 2020 , 31 (7) , 2845-2861


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    Is 'be yourself' always the best advice? The moderating effect of team ethical climate and the mediating effects of vigor and demand-ability fit

    David, Emily M.Kim, Tae-YeolFarh, Jiing-LihLin, XiaowanZhou, Fan

    Human Relations , 2020 (Early Access)

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    Emotions running high: Examining the effects of supervisor and subordinate emotional stability on emotional exhaustion

    David, Emily M.Shoss, Mindy K.Johnson, Lars U.Witt, L.Alan

    Journal of Research in Personality , 2020 , 84

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    Perceived Cognitive Diversity and Creativity: A Multilevel Study of Motivational Mechanisms and Boundary Conditions

    Kim, Tae-YeolDavid, Emily M.Liu, Zhiqiang

    Journal of Creative Behavior , 2020 (Early Access)

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    Stronger Together: Conditional Indirect Effect of Servant Leadership on Transactive Memory Systems

    David, Emily M.Johnson, Lars U.Meng, Ching-YuanLopez, Tyleen N.

    Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies , 2020 (Early Access)


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    Fostering longevity attitudes in women expatriates: the role of general and targeted types of organizational support

    David, Emily M.Volpone, Sabrina D.Nandialath, Anup M.

    The International Journal of Human Resource Management , 2019 (Early Access)


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    Effects of Politics, Emotional Stability, and LMX on Job Dedication

    Johnson, Lars U.Rogers, AltoviseStewart, RobertDavid, Emily M.Witt, L. A.

    Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies , 2017 , 24 (1) , 121-130

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    Living and working in China. Prof. Emily David’s story

    David, Emily M.


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    Meet Assistant Professor of Management Emily David.

    David, Emily M.


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