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    The effects of mentor alcohol use norms on mentorship quality: The moderating role of protege traditionality

    Kwan, Ho KwongChen, HaixiaoHu, ZhonghuiLi, Jinsong

    Human Resource Management , 2020 (Early Access)


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    Employee-Organization Relationships and Team Performance: Role of Team Collective Efficacy

    Li, JuexingJia, LiangdingCai, YahuaKwan, Ho KwongYou, Shuyang

    Frontiers in Psychology , 2020 , 11


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    When and how favour rendering ameliorates workplace ostracism over time: Moderating effect of self-monitoring and mediating effect of popularity enhancement

    Wu, Chia-HueiKwan, Ho KwongLiu, JunLee, Cynthia

    Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology , 2020 (Early Access)


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    Effects of authentic leadership on work–family balance in China

    Lyu, YijingWang, MinminLe, JiaqiKwan, Ho Kwong

    Journal of Managerial Psychology , 2020 , 34 (2) , 110-123

    SSCI Scopus ABDC-B

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    Benefits of Empowering Leadership Behaviors for Actors

    Kwan, Ho KwongChen, YangTang, GuiyaoZhang, XiaomengChiu, Randy Ki-KwanYim, Hong KitWu, Xiangfan

    80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM 2020) , 2020 , 2020 (1)

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    Effects of empowering leadership on followers' work-family interface

    Kwan, Ho KwongChen, HaixiaoChiu, Randy K.

    International Journal of Human Resource Management , 2020 (Early Access)


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    Fuel the service fire The effect of leader humor on frontline hospitality employees' service performance and proactive customer service performance

    Wu, Long-ZengYe, YijiaoCheng, Xuan-MeiKwan, Ho KwongLyu, Yijing

    International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management , 2020 , 32 (5) , 1755-1773


  • 8

    The Effects of Family Firm CEO Traditionality on Successor Choice: The Moderating Role of Socioemotional Wealth

    Lu, FeifeiKwan, Ho KwongZhu, Zhu

    Family Business Review , 2020 (OnlineFirst)


  • 9

    Effects of Workplace Ostracism on Family Social Support: A Moderated Mediation Mode

    Zhang, HainaYang, ZiweiKwan, Ho Kwong

    79th Academy of Management Annual Meeting , 2019 , 2019 (1)

  • 10

    The impact of mentoring quality on protégés' organization‐based self‐esteem and proactive behavior: The moderating role of traditionality

    Wu, XiangfanLyu, YijingKwan, Ho KwongZhai, Haiyan

    Human Resource Management , 2019 , 58 (4) , 417-430

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