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    Impact of Spectators’ Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility on Regional Attachment in Sports: Three-Wave Indirect Effects of Spectators’ Pride and Team Identification

    Ullah, F.Wu, Y.Mehmood, K.Jabeen, F.Iftikhar, Y.Acevedo-Duque, Á.Kwan, H.K

    Sustainability , 2021 , 13 (2) , 597


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    The effects of mentor alcohol use norms on mentorship quality: The moderating role of protege traditionality

    Kwan, Ho KwongChen, HaixiaoHu, ZhonghuiLi, Jinsong

    Human Resource Management , 2020 (Early Access)


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    How do leaders' perceptions of organizational health climate shape employee exhaustion and engagement? Toward a cascading-effects model

    Kaluza, Antonia J.Schuh, Sebastian C.Kern, MarcelXin, Katherinevan Dick, Rolf

    Human Resource Management , 2020 , 59 (4) , 359-377

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    Identity, Importance, and Their Roles in How Corporate Social Responsibility Affects Workplace Attitudes and Behavior

    van Dick, R.Crawshaw, J.R.Karpf, S.Schuh, S. C.Zhang, Xin-an

    Journal of Business and Psychology , 2020 , 35 , 159-169

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    The Effects of Family Firm CEO Traditionality on Successor Choice: The Moderating Role of Socioemotional Wealth

    Lu, FeifeiKwan, Ho KwongZhu, Zhu

    Family Business Review , 2020 (OnlineFirst)


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    Identity and stress: an application of the expanded model of organisational identification in predicting strain at work

    Ciampa, VSteffens, NKSchuh, SCFraccaroli, Fvan Dick, R

    Work and Stress , 2019 , 33 (4) , 351-365


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    Corporate Social Responsibility and Collective OCB: A Social Identification Perspective

    Wang, Xiao-HuaYang, JunCao, RujiaoLee, Byron Y.

    Frontiers in Psychology , 2019 , 10

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    Ambivalent Identification as a Moderator of the Link Between Organizational Identification and Counterproductive Work Behaviors

    Ciampa, V.Sirowatka, M.Schuh, S. C.Fraccaroli, F.Van Dick, R.

    Journal of Business Ethics , 2019

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    A Meta-Analytic Review of Social Identification and Health in Organizational Contexts

    Steffens, Niklas K.Haslam, S. AlexanderSchuh, Sebastian C.Jetten, Jolandavan Dick, Rolf

    Personality and Social Psychology Review , 2017 , 21 (4) , 303-335

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    Mixed feelings, mixed blessing? How ambivalence in organizational identification relates to employees’ regulatory focus and citizenship behaviors

    Schuh, Sebastian C.Van Quaquebeke, NielsGoeritz, Anja S.Xin, Katherine R.De Cremer, Davidvan Dick, Rolf

    Human Relations , 2016 , 69 (12) , 2224-2249

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