Human Resource Management in B&Q China: Upgrading Action (B)


B&Q was the number-one do-it-yourself (DIY) retailer in Europe and the third-largest in the world. In B&Q China, the human resource management function was weak, both at the headquarters and at regional stores. In 2004, B&Q China had a workforce of more than 5,000 employees and operated a decentralized model of human resource management across B&Q headquarters, regional offices and stores. This management practice shaped a pattern of “the headquarters taking care of the headquarters’ matters and the regions taking care of regional matters.” Lily Chen, who had just joined B&Q China as executive vice president of HRM and training, put forward a proposal which suggested a series of solutions, including the application of a centralized human resource management model to launch the job evaluation process, renew the job description system, implement a scientific results-oriented performance management system and introduce a fair incentive scheme with a commission system. The case series is suitable for human resource courses for MBA, EMBA or EDP students.


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Published by:China Europe International Business School

Publish Date:2005-01-01


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