Shenzhen SJET Supply Chain Co., LTD. Cases (B) Information System and Ecosystem


With the development of Shenzhen mobile phone industry and its foreign trade, more and more supply chain management service companies provide small and medium-sized mobile phone designers (which refer to “project managers” in this case) with supply chain financial services as their core integrated supply chain management services. This case research is based on the Shenzhen SJET supply chain co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to SJET), which is the most outstanding supply chain management service company in Shenzhen. Two associated cases are explored in this study. In the first case, we explore the original intention, the whole picture and the operation logic of SJET’s business model innovation, and analyze how SJET can help the small and medium-sized enterprises to reduce the transaction cost and improve the response speed through the supply chain integration, thus ultimately improving their competitiveness. In the second case, we provide a deeper, systematic exposition of how SJET is able to realize the integration of processes and systems and facilitate the multiple supply chain party coordination, thus ultimately making its innovative business model a big success. In this paper, we attempt to develop an essential understanding of how SJET makes its supply chain financial services and its ecosystem (business model) a big success.


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Published by:China Europe International Business School

Publish Date:2017-12-06


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