2018 CEIBS Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Report


Guest Editors
Li, Mingjun
Ding, Yuan

Executive Editor
Chen, Jieping

Editorial Board Members
Xu, Bin
Rui, Meng
Chen, Shimin
Lu, Wenzhen
Chen, Shaohui
Tian, Ming (CEIBS EMBA 2005)
Jiao, Sheng (CEIBS EMBA 2008)
Li, Wen (CEIBS EMBA 2010)


Author Community

[Li, Mingjun; Ding, Yuan; Chen, Jieping; Xu, Bin; Rui, Meng; Chen, Shimin; Lu, Wenzhen; Chen, Shaohui] China Europe International Business School

[Tian, Ming] CEIBS Alumni Association; Chairman of Landsea Group

[Jiao, Sheng] CEIBS Alumni Association; Chairman of Jiangsu Hanjin Group Co., Ltd.

[Li, Wen] CEIBS Alumni Association; Chairman of China Universal Asset Management Company Co., Ltd.

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