mSimps: decision-making in scaling up a small business


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Study level/applicability
This case is suitable for graduate-level programmes in business management, as well as for executive education programmes.

Case overview
Mabel Simpson, the sole proprietor of the award-winning mSimps fashion accessories house in Ghana, must choose from among three options for scaling up her business: an offer from a private investor for GHS 100,000 in exchange for 51 per cent stake in mSimps; or 30 per cent stake for half the amount; an offer from a fashion industry expert for GHS 10,000 in exchange for 30 per cent ownership; or a restructuring of her business model and value chain to enable her release cash to grow her business organically.

Expected learning outcomes
Students should be able to: understand the interplay of choice and trade-offs in business management and apply theory-driven frameworks in making optimal choices and analytically assess instances of tension between the art (e.g. passion, emotional stakes, psychological and other influences on business management philosophies) and science (e.g. the need for business skills, use of effective models and the quest for production efficiency) of business management.

Supplementary materials
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Subject code
CSS 3: Entrepreneurship


Author Community

[Tsamenyi, Mathew] China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), ACCRA, Ghana

[Antwi-Gyamfi, Nana Yaa] Department of Research, China Europe International Business School, Accra, Ghana

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