... But they are now feeling the pinch


China experience is important, but it is becoming harder for foreigners to get it
"China experience" has been regaining the significance it once commanded centuries ago when the country was at its zenith. This is because China's ever growing economy is drawing extensive global attention. The demand for China experience is an inevitable outcome. Having China-related expertise and knowledge is no longer just a box to tick on a CV, but a necessity for promotion to upper-middle or senior corporate positions, or a ticket to more attractive jobs.
Unsurprisingly, what comes with this flourishing temptation is the increasing competition among expatriates in China. This was not the case 10, or even five, years ago. Then, it was less competitive - fewer promising candidates vying for salary packages that came with perks coupled with lower cost of living. Today, the perceived expat's superiority in China's labor market, especially among multinational enterprises in its first-tier cities, is beginning to wear thin. This is because as domestic markets grow in importance, companies and institutions move quickly to localize expat staff and withdraw lucrative welfare items such as children's education and transport allowances, as well as housing and meal subsidies.


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Publish Date:2015-03-13

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