Chiang, Fung Tong

Professor of Management


  • 1

    Am I choosing the right career? The implications of COVID-19 on the occupational attitudes of hospitality management students

    Birtch, Thomas A.Chiang, Flora F. T.Cai, ZhenyaoWang, Jin

    International Journal of Hospitality Management , 2021 , 95


  • 2

    Newcomer Shared Perceptions of Supervisor Socialization

    Lee, ByronChiang, Fung Tung FloraBirtch, Thomas A.Cooper-Thomas, Helena

    80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM 2020) , 2020 , 2020 (1)

  • 3

    Passing the Baton to the Next Generation: Examining Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer

    Lee, ByronBirtch, Thomas A.Chiang, Fung Tung FloraLee, Jean

    80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM 2020) , 2020 , 2020 (1)

  • 4

    The Incentive and Sorting Effects of Pay-for-Performance and Punishment-for-Underperformance

    Lee, ByronYao, YaoChiang, Fung Tung FloraLiu, Zhiqiang

    79th Academy of Management Annual Meeting , 2019 , 2019 (1)

  • 5

    Leaders Matter Morally: The Role of Ethical Leadership in Shaping Employee Moral Cognition and Misconduct

    Moore, CeliaMayer, David M.Chiang, Flora F. T.Crossley, CraigKarlesky, Matthew J.Birtch, Thomas A.

    Journal of Applied Psychology , 2019 , 104 (1) , 123-145

    SSCI Scopus FT ABDC-A*

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    Chiang, Flora F.T.Cai, ZhenyaoBirtch, Thomas A.


  • 7

    Intergenerational Knowledge Sharing in Chinese Family Firms: The Importance of Emotional Ownership

    Esch, Emmy VanChiang, FloraBirtch, Thomas A.Lee, Jean SK

    78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management , 2018 , 2018 (1)

  • 8

    How perceived risk and return interacts with familism to influence individuals’ investment strategies: The case of capital seeking and capital providing behavior in new venture financing

    Birtch, Thomas A.Au, Kevin Yuk-faiChiang, Flora F. T.Hofman, Peter S.

    Asia Pacific Journal of Management , 2018 , 35 (2) , 471-500

    SSCI Scopus ABDC-A

  • 9

    Repatriation: what do we know and where do we go from here

    Chiang, Flora F. T.van Esch, EmmyBirtch, Thomas A.Shaffer, Margaret A.

    The International Journal of Human Resource Management , 2018 , 29 (1) , 188-226

    SSCI Scopus ABDC-A

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