Wang, Qi

Professor of Marketing



  • 1

    In-App Couponing or Group-Couponing: The Impact of Mobile Marketing Strategies on Branded App Adoption (CEIBS Working Paper, No. 014/2020/MKT)

    Wang, QiFu, NingWang, Xia


  • 2

    When a Strategy for Sustainability is Sustainable: The Impact of Refurbished Products in Markets with Network Effects and Standards Competition (CEIBS Working Paper, No. 017/2020/MKT, 2020)

    Zheng, Yilong (Eric)Wang, QiPark, Chang Hee


  • 3

    Does doing good lead to doing better in emerging markets? Stock market responses to the SRI index announcements in Brazil, China, and South Africa

    Zou, P.Wang, Q.Xie, J.Zhou, C.

    Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science , 2020 (48) , 966-986

    SSCI Scopus ABDC-A*

  • 4

    Multiple‐Winner Award Rules in Online Procurement Auctions

    Wang, QiFeng, JuanJiang, XupingXie, Jinhong

    Production and Operations Management , 2019 , 28 (10) , 2533-2551

    Scopus ABDC-A

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